• Here's what can happen if you're caught with a gun at the Memphis International Airport

    By: Jacque Masse


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - TSA workers want people catching flights to know the rules for traveling with firearms. 

    Last year, TSA agents found 47 firearms with 89% of them loaded at security checkpoints at the Memphis International Airport. 

    Starting this year in January, TSA agents found three loaded guns at security checkpoints at the airport.

    “When you go to a checkpoint and find a weapon, law enforcement will be called and you’ll be subject to misdemeanor or felony charge,” said TSA assistant federal security director Kevin McCarthy.

    TSA workers want travelers to avoid all of this by placing their gun in a hard case, making sure it isn’t loaded and locking it up inside the case. 

    You also need to fill out a declaration card to put inside the case. 

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    Don’t forget to keep your carry permit and license with you.

    “This is a very important step because if you don’t declare it to the airport you are flying with, you can get into trouble as well,” said TSA regional spokesperson Mark Howell.

    The next step is to go to the ticket counter and check it in with your baggage for screening. 

    TSA workers are pushing for this after lots of mistakes due to 89% of guns that were found loaded at security checkpoints at the Memphis International airport last year.

    “If you’re a conscientious firearm owner you ought to know where your weapon is at every time and you want to be on an aircraft that is safe,” said McCarthy

    TSA officials suggest you put the gun case inside your suitcase instead of separately, so you can pick it up from baggage claim.

    Another tip is to do research ahead of time and make sure you know the rules when traveling to other airports when it comes to traveling with a firearm. 

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