• Hernando and DeSoto County leaders oppose Olive Branch's annexation plan

    By: Tom Dees


    DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. - DeSoto County leaders and the city of Hernando presented their case against Olive Branch's annexation plan. 

    Olive Branch wants to annex 50 square miles of unincorporated DeSoto County.

    Hernando and DeSoto County leaders spoke to FOX13 about why they oppose it. 

    According to County leaders they are in opposition to the annexation because it would cost people who live in that part of the county more for the same services.

    “It is simple I feel like right now that the county offers everything that the citizens of that the citizens in that unincorporated area need right now,” Supervisor Michael Lee said.

    DeSoto County Supervisor Michael Lee told FOX13 most of the area in Olive Branch's proposed annexation is in his district and he is afraid of the rights people might lose if the annexation goes forward.

    “A lot of people move out in unincorporated areas so they can raise livestock and have chickens and be able to hunt and shoot and those things could possibly be lost,” Lee said.

    Hernando Mayor Tom Ferguson told FOX13 there is concern because the annexation comes so close to the city of Hernando. 

    “There could be some possible impedance of Hernando’s growth toward the east,” Ferguson said.

    Mayor Ferguson told FOX13 Hernando opposes the annexation for now, until they hear more about Olive Branch’s plans in court. 

    “We just want to make sure we stay in the loop and keep our eye on it and be involved if necessary,” Mayor Ferguson said.

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