Hoarder's home filled with alligators, snakes, and talking birds in Arkansas

WATCH: Hoarder's home filled with alligators, snakes, and birds in Arkansas

MARION, Ark. — Officers found snakes, alligators and talking birds inside a Marion, Arkansas home.

William Hale, 47, is charged with 60 counts of aggravated animal cruelty after investigators found the exotic animals inside his home.

One neighbor took pictures of the snakes he saw investigators taking out of the home.

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FOX13 received a tip yesterday from a source who said the conditions were so unbearable that even the hazmat team could not handle it.

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He told FOX13 the birds they found in that home were having full conversations with the investigators.

“Tropical birds, I seen a parrot, actually he had like seven of those, different type of birds and I seen like 30 snakes,” Terrence Blackburn, a neighbor said.

Blackburn showed FOX13 dozens of exotic animals found inside the Marion home Thursday morning in the 100 block of Belair. Animals such as pythons and much more.

“The bulldog was one of the first animals to come out and there were five of those, I seen a poodle,” Blackburn said.

Yellow caution tape surrounds the home.

FOX13 tried to talk to the driver of the truck coming out of the home. He drove off, but neighbors say what they witnessed was unacceptable.

“I seen the alligator, which they had, it was a small baby alligator and I heard it was like nine of them,” Blackburn said.

Investigators with the Marion Police Department told me Animal Control officers responded to the home after complaints about barking dogs.

“And you had no idea this was going on, no idea,” Blackburn said.

Hale was not home at the time. He did not show up after officers spoke with him over the phone requesting his return.

According to officers, that is when they conducted a search warrant and found several exotic animals that were not being properly cared for.

“I would let him know that was kind of wrong, you know, we have kids over here and them are dangerous animals,” Blackburn said.

A source gave FOX13 confirmation that there were several alligators inside that home yesterday.