• Holly Bobo murder trial day 2

    By: Kristin Leigh


    Day one of the Holly Bobo murder trial was filled with emotional testimony from the get-go.

    The second day of testimony continued Tuesday with testimony from a TBI agent, a Tennessee Highway Patrol deputy, a park ranger, a school teacher and several others.

    The day concluded with powerful testimony from Zach Adams ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Earp.

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    Adams faces kidnapping, rape, and murder charges in connection with the killing of the Decatur County nursing student in 2011.

    Some of her remains were found three years later. 

    Zach's brother, Dylan Adams, and Jason Autry are also charged in the crime. A fourth person officials believe was involved, Shayne Austin, committed suicide in 2015. 

    Minute-by-minute updates of Day 2:

    If you missed anything from day two of the murder trial, here's what has happened so far:

    Tuesday, a TBI agent and expert DNA witness testified about blood that was found in the carport of the Bobo home. At least one of those samples matched Holly Bobo's DNA profile. Some samples were contaminated and inconclusive. 

    A Tennessee Highway Patrol deputy testified that he questioned Zach Adams in the days following her disappearance and searched the woods behind his home. He said Adams was "visibly shaken," when confronted. 

    A park ranger, school teacher, and several others offered testimony. 

    The most compelling testimony came from Zach Adams' ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Earp. Earp told the jury she tried several times to break up with Adams. She said she stayed with him the night before Holly Bobo went missing. 

    She told the court Zach had three scratches on his neck when she saw him later in the day on April 13, 2011, the day Holly disappeared. She said the scratches weren't there the night before. 

    She also told the jury that when she finally broke up with Zach in July he told her, "I'll tie you up like I did Holly Bobo, and no one will ever see you again." 

    The defense pointed out that Earp had a drug problem back in 2011, just like Zach Adams did. 

    Earp mentioned previous incidents of domestic violence involving Adams. She said on the day Holly went missing, Adams showed up at her work. They argued, and she said Adams grabbed her head and headbutted her. 

    If you missed anything from day one of the murder trial, here's what happened:

    Prosecutors painted Zach Adams, who is charged with kidnapping, raping and killing Bobo, as a drug addict who was in a dark place at the time of the murder. Adams walked into court on Monday wearing a suit and tie.

    Adams pleaded not guilty to all charges.

    Prosecutors said a key witness in the case is Jason Autry, another one of the three men charged with Bobo’s murder. We will hear from him at some point during the trial. The state said in order to learn what happened to Bobo, they had to go to a bad man.

    Day 2 Coverage:

    Day 1 coverage:

    During opening statements, Paul Hagerman said Bobo was still alive when Adams and his friends wrapped her injured body in a blanket. He said they drove her to the driver to get rid of her body.

    “She moves. She’s still alive,” Hagerman, the state prosecutor, said of Bobo.

    The prosecution said Adams then shot Bobo in the head.

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    The defense painted a different picture.

    "This happens to be one of those tragedies in which somebody who was a good person, something bad happened to them,” defense attorney Jennifer Thompson said. “However, Zach Adams is not the person who's guilty of this crime."

    Adams defense attorney suggested that his arrest was politically motivated during an election year, when the local District Attorney was facing pressure for not having answers regarding Bobo’s death.

    She described what she called a “fire hose” of tips that investigators received regarding the murder. She even named a number of people who were questioned.

    A key piece of evidence for the defense will be data from phone locations. Thompson said during her opening statement that Adam’s phone was nowhere near Bobo’s home the day she disappeared.

    Day one of the trial also included testimony from both of Holly Bobo’s parents, her boyfriend at the time of her disappearance, and a neighbor who lived nearby.

    Holly's mother, Karen, collapsed during her testimony. It happened as prosecutors were going through Holly's personal belongings and asking the mom to relive the last day she saw her daughter.

    "That is her purse," Karen Bobo said. "It's very hard to look at that stuff all tattered and torn. it didn't look like that that morning, but that's her purse."

    The defense said that incident could sway the jury with sympathy, and they asked the judge for a mistrial. The judge denied their request and said it was a real medical emergency.

    He asked jurors to forget what they saw and reminded them that they must focus on the facts of the case.

    Holly Bobo disappeared from her home in April, 2011. Her remains would be found three years later, in September, 2014.

    Bobo's skull was found, along with her lunch box in a nearby creek.

    If you've missed anything from the courtroom, read our minute-by-minute updates below:

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