• Holly Bobo murder trial: Zach Adams convicted on all 8 counts

    By: Kristin Leigh , Katie Rufener , Leah Beth Bolton


    UPDATE: Zach Adams has been convicted on all 8 counts in the murder, kidnapping, and rape of Holly Bobo.

    The discussion of sentencing will commence Saturday morning at 10 a.m. 

    The jury could decide to sentence Zach Adams to death, to life in prison without parole, or life in prison with the possibility of parole on the first-degree murder conviction.

    Watch verdict announcement below:

    The jury started deliberations around 9 a.m. Friday morning.

    Closing arguments were given Thursday. The prosecution's closing argument lasted about 45 minutes. 

    The defense's closing argument went almost two hours. They finished around 1 p.m. 

    The jury went into deliberations around 3:10 p.m. Thursday and stopped for the evening around 6 p.m. 

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    Zach Adams faces kidnapping, rape, and murder charges in connection with the killing of the Decatur County nursing student in 2011.

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    Some of her remains were found three years later. 

    Zach's brother, Dylan Adams, and Jason Autry are also charged in the crime. A fourth person officials believe was involved, Shayne Austin, committed suicide in 2015. 

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    WATCH: Day 9, Part 1: 

    Day 9: What happened

    Much of Wednesday's testimony centered around cell phone mapping and determining where the phones of Zach Adams, Jason Autry, Shayne Austin, and Holly Bobo were pinging at different times the morning of Holly's abduction. 

    A cell phone expert testified Holly and Adams' phones pinged off different towers in two different locations within two minutes of each other. 

    Court broke for lunch recess around 11:45 a.m. 

    The defense rested around 2:15 p.m. Wednesday. 

    Zach Adams said he will not testify in his own defense. 

    Rebuttals were presented. 

    Court wrapped for the day just before 3 p.m. 

    Tomorrow, the jury will get instructions, hear closing arguments, and begin deliberations. 

    Court starts tomorrow morning. 

    WATCH: Day 9, Part 2:

    WATCH: Day 8, Part 1:

    Day 8: What happened

    Terry Dicus took the stand for the defense. He is a former TBI agent and used to be a lead investigator on the case. He was off the case by 2013, however. 

    Brent Booth with the TBI previously testified the TBI made a "huge mistake" and did not properly check the alibis of Zach Adams, Dylan Adams, Jason Autry, and Shayne Austin. Booth said he was told by Dicus that the alibis were checked. It was discovered in early 2014 that the alibis did not line up. 

    Dicus testified that he was trained to assume only one person was involved in a crime if the motive was sexual assault. The prosecution argued that he ignored Adams, Autry, and the others, because of that and focused his investigation instead onto convicted rapist, Terry Britt. 

    Britt provided an albi for the day Holly Bobo went missing, saying he was with his wife all morning, and even had a receipt for a store where they went and bought a bathtub. 

    Dicus insisted he does not believe Britt's alibi. He also called a Autry's testimony that Zach Adams  came to the Bobo house that morning to teach Clint Bobo (Holly's brother) how to cook meth, "ridiculous." 

    WATCH: Day 8, Part 2

    Court broke for a lunch recess around 12:05.

    Dick Adams, Zach Adams' grandfather was also called by the defense. He testified about Dylan Adams (Zach's brother) having a low IQ and being in special education classes at school. 

    He also testified about the morning Holly Bobo was abducted, saying Dylan was in bed when he left for work. He said he later saw Dylan, Zach, and Shayne Austin on the interstate that day. 

    Dick Adams became confused about dates, including the year his wife passed. Zach's grandmother died just weeks before Holly Bobo's disappearance. 

    Dick also said he did not remember statements he allegedly made to investigators, including telling them to "check all of Zach's friends." 

    Court wrapped around 3:30 p.m. The judge says he anticipates the defense finishing their case Wednesday and says he hopes to get through closing arguments. 

    Day 7: What happened

    On the 7th day of the trial, convicted rapist Terry Britt took the stand. Britt was a previous person of interest in the Holly Bobo case. Law enforcement tapped his phones, him home, and conducted surveillance on him. He was looked into for more than a year. 

    Britt talked about his alibi for the morning Holly Bobo disappeared. He has a receipt showing he was shopping with his wife for a new bath tub. 

    The defense questioned Britt on his alibi, saying the receipt was handwritten and the store could not find their copy of it. They also mentioned Google and porn searches for rape and kidnapping that were found on his home computer when law enforcement searched his house. 

    Britt has previous rape convictions, but was never charged in the Holly Bobo case. 

    Several former friends of Zach Adams also testified, mentioning comments Adams made in the months following Holly Bobo's disappearance. One said Adams said, "Let's rape this b****," and "I couldn't have picked a prettier b****. It was fun." 

    That same friend said Adams told him about talking to Karen Bobo, Holly's mother, in the days after she went missing. He said he was concerned she didn't believe he was innocent and wanted to know if a hug he gave her would help convince her. 

    He said Adams would become uncomfortable and paranoid anytime anyone would bring up Holly Bobo and would kick people out of his house if they mentioned her. 

    Another said Adams showed him a knife and told him if he knew what the knife had been involved with, he wouldn't want it. That friend said he assumed Adams was talking about Holly Bobo. On that same night, the friend said Adams fired a gun a foot over the friend's girlfriend's head and then started crying and having an emotional break down. 

    A lunch recess was called early around 11:45 after jury members mentioned smelling something hot in the courtroom and thinking the heat had accidentally been turned on. 

    Following the lunch recess, various inmates took the stand, testifying to comments Zach Adams allegedly made to them while behind bars about his involvement in the Holly Bobo case. 

    The state officially rested their case around 3 p.m.

    The defense called their first witness, Rita Austin. Austin is Shayne Austin's mother. Shayne Austin committed suicide in 2015. He was a person of interest in the case. Austin testified about Shayne's drug addiction and his suicide. 

    She was shown a copy of a written statement Shayne gave to the District Attorney's office before his death. That statement was ruled hearsay at a previous pre-trial hearing and was not read aloud to jurors. Austin said she maintains her son's innocence. 

    The defense also called Shayne and Jason Autry's aunt, Judy Evans. She now owns the property where a barn used to sit. Previous testimony claimed Holly Bobo was raped in that barn. 

    Evans told the jury she searched the barn two days after Bobo was abducted and did not see anything different or strange. The barn has since been torn down, because Evans said it was in bad shape. 

    Court wrapped for the day around 4:30 p.m. It will resume Tuesday morning. 

    Day 6: What happened 

    A cell phone data expert with the TBI and FBI provided testimony about cell phone pings on Holly Bobo's phone, Zach Adam's phone, Jason Autry's phone, and others. 
    Michael Frizzell testified that the phones could not be pinpointed during the time of Bobo's abduction. That could be for a variety of reasons, including the phones not being in use at that time, the phones being off, or being in an area of bad service. Decatur County is a rural area with spotty cell service throughout much of it. 
    He did testify that Holly Bobo's phone and Zach Adams' phone did ping in the same general area later the morning of Bobo's disappearance. 
    Other important testimony came from Holly Bobo's friend Candace Wood. She and her boyfriend went on a double date with Bobo and Bobo's boyfriend to what is called a Coon Hunt festival several days before Bobo was abducted. 
    Wood testified that a man later identified as Shayne Austin was staring at her and Bobo and made her feel very uncomfortable. 
    Wood later helped law enforcement compile a sketch of the person and identified him from a mug shot that Karen Bobo, Bobo's mother, provided. 
    Court wrapped up for the day before 11:15 a.m. It will resume Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. 
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    Day 5: What happened

    Victor Dinsmore testified for the state during the fifth day of Holly Bobo’s murder trial. Dinsmore helped the TBI recover the suspected murder weapon.

    The pistol was recovered in May, more than six years after Bobo’s murder, according to a report by the TBI.

    Dinsmore’s son was killed years before Bobo’s death. With tears in his eyes, he said he wouldn’t accept reward money for helping investigators find the gun.

    “I didn’t do this for the money,” Dinsmore said, barely able to get the words out. “I know how Mr. Mrs. Bobo felt. I wanted to help any way I could.”

    Dinsmore is one of five people who were given immunity to testify against Zach Adams.

    Dinsmore said the TBI flew him to Tennessee in February from Indiana, where he lives now, to search for the gun. They didn’t find it in February, but the TBI recovered it months later during another search.

    According to a report that was read in court, the TBI had to dig up pavement with a backhoe to recover the gun, which Dinsmore said his wife tossed into a creek years ago.

    Dinsmore said Shayne Austin traded the gun with Dinsmore for drugs months after Bobo’s death, according to Dinsmore’s testimony.

    Austin was a person of interest in this case, who committed suicide about two years ago. He was friends with Zach Adams and his brother, Dylan, at the time of Bobo’s murder.

    Not knowing at the time that it may be the murder weapon that killed Holly, Dinsmore sent a chill through the courtroom, saying, “I gave that gun to my wife, because of what happened to Holly.”

    Later, when he started putting the pieces together, he says he told his wife to get rid of the gun, so she tossed it into a creek on John Holladay Road.

    Jason Autry, who testified against Zach Adams Thursday, identified the gun as the murder weapon. He also said he saw Adams shoot and kill Holly Bobo on April 13, 2011, the same day shew as abducted.

    Autry is also charged with Bobo’s kidnapping, rape and murder, but he’s expected to accept a plea deal in exchange for his testimony.

    The defense pointed out Dinsmore’s rape conviction in 1985, and said his story has changed during the years since Bobo’s abduction. She questioned his alibi, but the state said Dinsmore’s boss was interviewed, and told police Dinsmore was at work the morning of Bobo’s abduction.

    The defense also pointed out Dinsmore’s drug history, and tested his memory, after he testified that Adams’ hid his white truck in his garage the day Bobo was abducted.

    Dinsmore said his story changed, after he talked to his wife and son following Adams’ arrest in 2014. It wasn’t until he talked to his family, that he put information together, and he said he gave the information to police. 

    TBI Special Agent Brent Booth also testified before the lunch recess. In a bombshell admission, he told the jury the TBI never checked the alibis of Zach Adams, Dylan Adams, Shayne Austin, and Jason Autry, even though they received numerous tips about their alleged involvement in the crime. 

    Booth told the prosecution it was a, "huge mistake," one that was not discovered until three years later, the same year Holly Bobo's remains were found. 

    Booth said the TBI was overwhelmed by the amount of information and, "the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing." He said then Agent Terry Dicus told him the alibis had been checked. 

    FOX13 reached out to the TBI for comment on Booth's testimony. The TBI responded it will not comment on an ongoing case or testimony made. 

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    Day 4: What happened 

    The prosecution started Thursday by calling their star witness, Jason Autry. Autry entered a plea deal in exchange for his testimony against murder suspect, Zach Adams and said he is hoping for leniency. 

    Jason Autry got on the stand and, in chilling detail, gave his story.

    Jason Autry claimed he came to Zach Adams' home to get drugs the morning of April 13, 2011 (the day Holly Bobo disappeared from her home in Parsons, Tenn).

    He said Zach Adams, his brother Dylan Adams, and Shayne Austin were all there. He said Adams told him he needed help getting rid of a body. 

    Autry said Holly Bobo was wrapped in a blanket, and they drove under a bridge to dispose of the body. When they unloaded her, Autry said he saw Bobo's foot move. "This f****** b**** is still alive," Autry said he told Adams. 

    Autry said Adams pulled out a gun. Autry made sure no one was around, and he said Adams shot Holly Bobo. 

    Autry said they, "tore out of there like wild Indians," because they thought they heard a boat crank up and were worried someone would see them. 

    Autry said he left and was not with Adams when Bobo's body was disposed of. 

    But in the days following, Autry claimed Zach Adams asked Autry to kill his brother, Dylan Adams, because he would not stop talking about the crime. 

    Autry said Zach Adams told him Zach, Dylan Adams, and Shayne Austin all raped Holly Bobo. Autry claimed Zach also admitted to engaging in incest with his brother, Dylan, prior to the rape. 

    The defense questioned Autry's credibility and memory due to his drug addiction at the time and insinuated he was only testifying to get "leniency" for himself. 

    Autry was the only witness to take the stand Thursday. 

    Day 4, Part 1: 

    Day 4, Part 2:

    Day 4, Part 3

    Here's what happened on day 3 of the trial:

    The most compelling testimony has come from a man who found Holly Bobo's skull in a wooded area of Decatur County. Ernest (Larry) Stone got emotional on the stand, describing finding the remains. "I couldn't get the words out of my mouth. I was stunned," he said. 

    Other witnesses testified about finding other items believed to have belonged to Holly, including a lunch box, pair of underwear, cell phone, and her purse.

    A TBI forensic scientist testified about evidence and remains that were found. 

    A pathologist said Holly Bobo's cause of death had been ruled a gunshot wound to the back of the head. The defense questioned whether she could have been shot after death. 

    Dental records confirmed teeth found were Holly Bobo's. 

    Court wrapped early Wednesday around 4 p.m.

    Part 1 of Day 3 Testimony: 

    Part 2 of Day 3 Testimony 


    Get caught up if you've missed any of the trial:

    Here's what happened on day 2 of the trial:

    Tuesday, a TBI agent and expert DNA witness testified about blood that was found in the carport of the Bobo home. At least one of those samples matched Holly Bobo's DNA profile. Some samples were contaminated and inconclusive. 

    A Tennessee Highway Patrol deputy testified that he questioned Zach Adams in the days following her disappearance and searched the woods behind his home. He said Adams was "visibly shaken," when confronted. 

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    A park ranger, school teacher, and several others offered testimony. 

    The most compelling testimony came from Zach Adams' ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Earp. Earp told the jury she tried several times to break up with Adams. She said she stayed with him the night before Holly Bobo went missing. 

    She told the court Zach had three scratches on his neck when she saw him later in the day on April 13, 2011, the day Holly disappeared. She said the scratches weren't there the night before.

    THE LATEST: Holly Bobo Murder Trial

    She also told the jury that when she finally broke up with Zach in July he told her, "I'll tie you up like I did Holly Bobo, and no one will ever see you again." 

    The defense pointed out that Earp had a drug problem back in 2011, just like Zach Adams did. 

    Earp mentioned previous incidents of domestic violence involving Adams. She said on the day Holly went missing, Adams showed up at her work. They argued, and she said Adams grabbed her head and headbutted her.

    Day 2 testimony videos:

    Here's what happened on day 1 of the trial:

    Prosecutors painted Zach Adams, who is charged with kidnapping, raping and killing Bobo, as a drug addict who was in a dark place at the time of the murder. Adams walked into court on Monday wearing a suit and tie.

    Adams pleaded not guilty to all charges.

    Prosecutors said a key witness in the case is Jason Autry, another one of the three men charged with Bobo’s murder. We will hear from him at some point during the trial. The state said in order to learn what happened to Bobo, they had to go to a ‘bad man.’

    During opening statements, Paul Hagerman said Bobo was still alive when Adams and his friends wrapped her injured body in a blanket. He said they drove her to the driver to get rid of her body.

    “She moves. She’s still alive,” Hagerman, the state prosecutor, said of Bobo.

    The prosecution said Adams then shot Bobo in the head.

    The defense painted a different picture.

    "This happens to be one of those tragedies in which somebody who was a good person, something bad happened to them,” defense attorney Jennifer Thompson said. “However, Zach Adams is not the person who's guilty of this crime."

    Adams defense attorney suggested that his arrest was politically motivated during an election year, when the local District Attorney was facing pressure for not having answers regarding Bobo’s death.

    She described what she called a “fire hose” of tips that investigators received regarding the murder. She even named a number of people who were questioned.

    A key piece of evidence for the defense will be data from phone locations. Thompson said during her opening statement that Adam’s phone was nowhere near Bobo’s home the day she disappeared.

    Day one of the trial also included testimony from both of Holly Bobo’s parents, her boyfriend at the time of her disappearance, and a neighbor who lived nearby.

    Holly's mother, Karen, collapsed during her testimony. It happened as prosecutors were going through Holly's personal belongings and asking the mom to relive the last day she saw her daughter.

    "That is her purse," Karen Bobo said. "It's very hard to look at that stuff all tattered and torn. it didn't look like that that morning, but that's her purse."

    The defense said that incident could sway the jury with sympathy, and they asked the judge for a mistrial. The judge denied their request and said it was a real medical emergency.

    He asked jurors to forget what they saw and reminded them that they must focus on the facts of the case.

    Day 1 testimony videos:

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