• Homeowners urging Memphis city leaders to vote against 24-hour trucking terminal

    By: Kirstin Garriss


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Dozens of homeowners and the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis are urging Memphis city leaders to vote against plans for a 24-hour trucking terminal in Oakhaven.

    SAIA Motor Freight wants to build a new 60-acre facility along Raines Road and Tchulahoma Road. 

    And there was a heated community meeting about the proposal Wednesday night. 

    It was a very passionate meeting because this is a fight going on nearly eight months. 

    The Land Use Control Board rejected the project last fall but now SAIA is appealing to city council.

    The land is area zoned for this type of development, and the $25 million project would bring in 50 new jobs. 

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    But some neighbors believe the bad outweighs any potential good.

    “They’re not entitled to come in and kill us and that’s exactly what they’re going to do if they come here with the pollution, with the flumes, exhaust,” said Proteon Paulk, an Oakhaven resident for 25 years.

    Another big concern is a drop in property values.

    Steve Herrington with the local Habitat for Humanity said the organization recently renovated more than 60 homes in a subdivision right behind the proposed terminal site.

    An $8 million investment that would have a major impact on their clients.

    “A home is the biggest investment they make and that is the one what they build wealth for their family or they leave for grandchildren. And if you destroy that poverty value you’ve destroyed the wealth,” said Herrington.

    Dozens of homeowners voiced those same concerns during the meeting with city leaders, SAIA and its consulting firm for the project Wednesday.

    SAIA representatives said the company has performed air emissions, sound mitigation and traffic studies.

    The company is also offering to pay for new SkyCop cameras for the area.

    City council will vote on the project next Tuesday.

    If they reject the project, SAIA has the option of submitting a new plan for this area or selling the land.

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