• Hot tub and swim spa recalled after fire hazard

    By: Courtney Mickens


    Maax Spas was forced to recall hot tubs and swim spas after reported fire hazards.

    The U.S.Consumer Products Safety Commission said the UV generator inside the hot tub and swim spa can ignite while in use, therefore causing a fire hazard.

    PHOTOS: Hot tubs and swim spas recalled after fire hazard

    Investigators said the generator was used to sanitize the water and pluming inside the hot tub or swim spa.

    The generator’s model number is EA-4H-5. 

    The model numbers for the hot tubs and swim spas are: 461; 470; 471; 472; 480; 481; 482; 780; 781; 5200; 5300; 5400; 5600; 7000; 7500; 8000; 8500; 9000; DT6; ENV; ES; ESX; GRD; LT6; MON; MT6; NUG; PRS; RB4; RL4; RS1; RS2; XB4; XL4; XSD; XSL; XSP; and XSR.

    Consumers are told to immediately stop using the hot tubs and swim spas and contact a MAAX Spas dealer for a free repair. 

    Maax Spas has received six reports of generators in the affected hot tubs and swim spas igniting and causing damage to the generators and surrounding hot tubs or swim spa components. 

    No injuries have been reported. 

    About 550 units were sold in the country.

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