• How a new tool is being used to solve murders and track down dangerous criminals

    By: Greg Coy


    A new tool is helping put criminals behind bars – and it’s being called a gamechanger.

    Law enforcement officers can take one shell casing from a crime scene – and use it to trace the weapon and potentially link the gunman to other shootings.  


    FOX13 learned the technology recently helped catch an accused killer in the Mid-South when a man was found shot to death in a driveway.

    “I was in there cooking and I heard six shots,” the victim’s friend told FOX13.

    The motive in the case was robbery. Despite there being few clues left behind, investigators were able to recover a few shell casings. 

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    They pointed to a suspect, but it turned out more than one agency was looking for the man.

    “I received a call from ATF that said the firearm was used in our killing had also been link to a killing in in Memphis, Tennessee,” an investigator told FOX13.

    “It is that piece of the puzzle we never had,” an ATF special agent added. “It allows us to connect crime scenes two other crime scenes.” 

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