Human ashes found on Mud Island riverbank

WATCH: Human ashes found on Mud Island riverbank

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Human ashes were found on Mud Island Sunday afternoon.

A visitor stumbled on the cremation box along the Mississippi River.
Joe DiJanni and his wife Diana were visiting Memphis on a walk along Mud Island when they decided to walk down to the rocks near the riverbank.

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"We had made a joke about hopefully not finding a dead body," said DiJanni.
A body is essentially what the couple found though, after they noticed a black box in between some rocks.
"I flip the top open and I see a metal tag on a plastic bag, I could see writing on it and as I started washing it away I realized it had some words on there. It's said Poughkeepsie rural cemetery. Poughkeepsie, New York," said DiJanni. 
That was the first clue. The second was on the bottom of the exterior box was an address to a Florida cremation company.
The two addresses were states away from Tennessee, but DiJanni has a theory about how the ashes and it up here on Mud Island.
"Somebody that was cremated asked to have their ashes put in the river. And maybe [their buddies] didn't do such a job putting the ashes in the river. They put the whole thing in the river," he said.
DiJanni told FOX13 he has already called the cemetery and crematorium and hopes the ashes can make their way back to a relative or friend.
"Or get the back story.. about where it departed from and how it ended up on mud Island in Memphis Tennessee. And maybe reunite somebody with something they are missing," he said.
Joe plans to keep the ashes until then, and continue to keep his eyes open whenever he's around water.

“There is always cool stuff to find.”

FOX13 will update this story if DiJanni is able to discover whose ashes he found, or how they ended up in Memphis.