Hundreds arrested during massive undercover operations in Memphis

WATCH: Suspects indicted in Memphis undercover operations could face federal charges

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Guns, drugs, cars and money were seized during two undercover operations that led to hundreds of arrests in Memphis.

The seizures and corresponding arrests were announced during a news conference Monday afternoon by MPD.

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MAJOR BUST: Guns and drugs seized during undercover police operation. MPD holding news conference now. WHAT WE KNOW:

Posted by FOX13 Memphis on Monday, August 6, 2018

There were two operations, titled Operation Jack Rabbit and Operation Summer Heat 2, that centered around guns, drugs, and other illicit activity. Several guns and drugs could be seen laid out on a table.

Operation Summer Heat 2 was an eight-week operation that spanned from June to August. Police said the undercover operation led to 522 total arrests, 237 of which were felony arrests.

Police seized more than 40 pounds of marijuana, along with fentanyl, cocaine, and various pills. 105 guns were recovered. 51 vehicles and more than $100,000 in cash were also seized.

Operation Jack Rabbit began in January 2017. It was a long-term investigation that targeted individuals who were dealing heroin, crack, and pills.

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Fifty-five people were indicted by a grand jury last week on a total of 199 charges. Nine of those individuals were documented members of the Crips, Gangster Disciples, or Vice Lords, according to MPD.

Thirty of the 55 defendants in Operation Jack Rabbit have been arrested. Their ages range from 18 to 64.

  • Carl Knox M/B (64)
  • Dedrick Jones M/B (41)
  • Joe Newmy M/B (26) Traveling Vice Lords gang member
  • Anthony Bolton M/B (33)
  • Michael Bolton M/B (38)
  • Bennie Sims M/B (31)
  • Marcus Campbell M/B (38)
  • Rodney Hill M/B (40)
  • Darron Williams M/B (33)
  • Devin Sumlin M/B (25)
  • Michael Fitch M/B (28) Grape Street Crips 103 gang member
  • Shanta Hardaway M/B (30)
  • Deora Anderson F/B (37)
  • Terrance Grayson M/B (41) charged with being a Convicted Felon in Possession of a Handgun and Sale of a Controlled Substance. Convicted- Felony Drug 2011.
  • Okorie Thomas M/B (20)
  • Marico Barber M/B (22)
  • Tedrick Abram M/B (19)
  • Steven Weathersby M/B (21)
  • David Calcote M/B (29)
  • Cadre Metcalf M/B (25)
  • Lonzayres Hines M/B (27)
  • Quinton Belew M/B (38) Gangster Disciples gang member
  • Ronald Franklin M/B (58)
  • Cody Jenkins M/B (26)
  • Miracle Bills F/B (25)
  • Daniel Isby M/B (29)
  • Antonio Guy M/B (25) Grape Street Crips Gang member
  • Terrance Thomas M/B (35) Unknown Vice Lords gang member
  • Mario Lewis M/B (27)
  • Andre Jackson M/B (49)

Sixteen others were arrested on unrelated charges during Operation Jack Rabbit.

  • Montero Beasley M/B Felony Drug Possession
  • Tracey Wright F/B 44 Misdemeanor Traffic Warrants/Misdemeanor Possession charge
  • Shuntrion Allen M/B Felony Drug Possession
  • Rayford Smith M/B Violation of Bond Condition
  • Tristan Henderson M/B Felony Drug Possession
  • George Barbee M/B Felony Drug Possession
  • Daylon Rushing M/B (19) Felony Drugs and Weapon charges
  • Lonnie Coleman M/B (44) Felony Drugs and Weapon charges
  • Michael White M/B (36) Felony Drugs and Weapon charges
  • Rodney Smith M/B (41) Felony Drugs and Weapon charges
  • Michael Caradine M/B (46) Felony Drugs and Weapon charges
  • Tardarria Griffin F/B (22) Felony Drugs charges
  • Synthia Gonzales F/H (33) Felony Drugs and Weapon charges
  • Roman Rosales M/H (39) Federal Warrant- U. S. Marshal – Local Misdemeanor Warrant
  • Dexter Wilson M/B (53) Felony Drugs and Weapon charges
  • Estenico Jamison M/B (29) Misdemeanor Traffic Warrant

The remaining 25 people indicted are not yet in custody and have active warrants for their arrest.

These defendants are wanted for multiple counts of felony sale and possession of controlled substances, according to police.

  • Gerard Butler M/B (26)
  • Robert Baker M/B (30)
  • Keshun Matthews  M/B (27)
  • Devion Westbrook M/B (25) Unknown Vice Lords gang member
  • Jeremiah Gray M/B (26) Crips/83 Gangster gang member
  • Jamual Wembley M/B (22)
  • Dominique Reeves M/B (24)
  • Paul Sidney M/B (30)
  • Dion Williams M/B (39)
  • Willie Butler M/B  (26) Vice Lords gang member
  • Clifton Killpacher M/B (42)
  • Rachelle Robertson M/B (33)
  • Antonio Hill M/B (31)
  • Gregory Kelley M/B (36)
  • Antoine Foster M/B (18)
  • Michael Jones M/B (38)
  • Faburlan Kennedy M/B (41) Gangster Disciples gang member
  • Antonio Joiner M/B (37)
  • Marles Kiser M/B (38)
  • Brandon Williams M/B (39)
  • Marcus Rose M/B (42)
  • Albert Green M/B (21)
  • Maurice Hawkins M/B (44) was indicted for being a Convicted Felon in Possession of a Handgun and Sale of a Controlled Substance.
  • Briton Sapp M/B (25)
  • Jeffery Luellen M/B (40)