• Hundreds march for science in Memphis

    By: Tony Atkins


    As thousands gathered nationwide on Earth Day in defense of science and the environment, people in Memphis got in on the action as well.

    Hundreds gathered at Gaston Park in South Memphis to dispute what are anti-science policies by President Donald Trump.

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    "It's not a matter of us defending science, we need to let science be a pathway to the next 12 billion people that will be on this planet in not less than 50 years," said Lesie Price, a scientist.

    Price was joined by hundreds who marched from Gaston Park in South Memphis to LeMoyne Owen College.

    “We are here to defend the people that will be impacted by the dismissal of our world's realities," said Shiloh Goodman.

    Organizers of the march said President Donald Trump’s administration is making dangerous policy changes that will threaten the science community, as well as the environment, education and public health.

    "Don't we want to be the leaders we've always been, but I suggest science make America great again," Price said.  

    The march was also a celebration of Earth Day.

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