• Hundreds of new jobs could be on the way for a Mid-South community

    By: Tom Dees


    PANOLA CO., Miss. - Hundreds of new jobs could be on the way for a Mid-South community where a factory shutdown and left 200 people unemployed.

    FOX13 traveled to Panola County, where a new business is now looking to buy the old Batesville Casket Company. Tawanda Hickman cuts hair in Batesville, she remembers how the casket company's closure hit her business. Some of her customers worked in that factory.

    "It wasn't good. It wasn't good. Especially, for business owners like me. So, hopefully they will re-open it and bring more jobs to Batesville," Hickman said.

    Exactly who is looking at possibly buying the casket company building is being kept secret, but we did find out the deal could be inked by January of next year. We also found out the company that is looking to buy would bring in as many as 100 jobs.

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    There has been a lot of talk in the economic development community that the Batesville Casket company would be the perfect place for a furniture manufacturer to set up shop.

    Two miles down the road at Panola County's brand new Airport industrial park, we were told two other businesses are looking to bring in as many as 100 jobs. Those deals could be inked by October. Again, nobody is saying which companies.

    Batesville Industrial mechanic John Fox works near the former casket company and likes what he is hearing.

    "I think it would be a great investment for people to have jobs to better themselves. It would be a great investment," Fox said.

    FOX13 has reached out to the Mississippi Development Authority and to the Agent who is selling the property to find out which businesses are looking at the properties.

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