• Hundreds show up to Steve Cohen's town hall meeting, stress concerns

    By: Jerrita Patterson


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Nearly every seat was filled inside an auditorium at the Memphis College of Art with those waiting to hear from Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen, during a town hall meeting, where everything was up for discussion.

    "We are the second poorest city in this country," Congressman Steve Cohen said.

    The town hall also made way for Mid-South residents to question Cohen about what's being done in Congress, and to better their communities.

    "They have this campaign where they want things to be walkable, livable and connectable in the affluent area where things are all nice," one woman said. "They don't care that our area is not walkable, livable or connectable."

    The lines were long with those waiting to ask questions. Several issues were discussed from tax increases, immigration issues and ways to better hold the government, including the President accountable for their actions and words.

    "What can we do to censor him at least so he won't go around spreading hate against all the people, especially the minority group?" one resident asked.

    Those from all over the Mid-South came together to discuss a wide range of topics at the town hall meeting.  The one topic that generated the most was healthcare both on the national and local level.

    "Our health system in this country is the best in the world, I believe," one man said. 

    Some in the crowd did not agree.

    The same man went on to say, "I would like to see the Democrats and the Republicans reach across the aisle and work out a workable, efficient health insurance system."

    Cohen responded, "We are trying to do that."

    Bottom line, Congressman Cohen said town hall meetings like the one Saturday, are the first steps with finding solutions to ongoing political problems.

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