Hurricane Michael impacts people in the Mid-South

WATCH: Business owner fears Michael's destruction while vacationing in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hurricane Michael is impacting people right here in the Mid-South.  A woman who owns several restaurants near Panama City has been in Memphis visiting for a week and can’t return home.

That woman came to the Bluff City before she learned that a hurricane was coming to Florida.

That business owner said the storm caught her off guard.  She has no way to check on her businesses or her home.

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“It’s amazing watching these weather people that are out in the middle of it, you see this building right here, their roof has been coming off since we’ve been watching it,” said Christy Spell.

Spell has been tracking Hurricane Michael for hours.  Spell owns several prominent restaurants along 30-A in South Walton County near Panama City.

She and her husband didn’t get a chance to protect their home or businesses before heading to Memphis for vacation.

“We weren’t able to do anything, this storm wasn’t even in existence when we left, this is a trip that we’ve had planned probably for six months to be up here,” said Spell.

Spell isn’t sure what’s next for her restaurants or Florida home.

FOX13 asked her what’s her biggest fear.“What we’re going home to - it’s going to be devastation,” she said.

While tracking the storm on TV, Spell noticed a lot of familiar businesses already suffering damage.

She said friends are checking on her property right now.

“It’s been difficult to watch, you feel helpless, completely helpless,” she said.

Spell said she’s not sure when she and her husband will be able to return to Florida, but from the way things are looking - it may not be anytime soon.