• I-40 shooting leaves 19-year-old pregnant girl in non-critical condition, baby critical

    By: Tony Atkins


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Memphis Police are investigating after an overnight shooting leaves a 19-year-old girl in non-critical condition.

    MPD responded to the scene at 12:15 Saturday morning.

    Investigators told FOX13 the shooting took place on I-40 near Austin Peay.

    The victim was traveling westbound on I-40 when a blue or black Chevy Impala with 2 to 3 males approached her.

    One of the occupants fired a shot toward the victim, striking the 19-year-old, who was pregnant. 

    "I'm not surprised at all because it happens almost everyday in this city," said Luis Rojas, who bikes to work in the area everyday. 

    Rojas told FOX13 the area can get really dark at night and he was once attacked in the area with a machete by three men trying to rob him.

    "I get nervous, but there's nothing I can do about it," he explained, when asked why continue riding.

    Police told FOX13 the teenage girl was transported in critical condition, but was later downgraded to non-critical.

    The baby was delivered and is in critical condition at this time.

    No other suspect information is available at this time.

    We will keep you updated on this situation once additional information is available.

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