• iHeartMemphis cleared of rape charges

    By: Lauren Coleman


    MEMPHIS, TN - “Hit the Quan” is one of the most popular dance songs played on the radio and enjoyed by people around the world.

    Twenty-four-year-old rapper Richard Colbert who is known to his fans as iHeartMemphis is the master behind the music.

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    With more than 53 million views on his Youtube channel, the Memphis native has reached major success at a young age, but before his achievements, he was facing charges of aggravated rape.

    He was one of two men accused of raping a woman at a house party in Memphis.

    He toldFOX13 he was facing up to 15 plus years.

    “Me coming from five sisters it’s kind of hard for me to intake something like that being thrown against, me,” iHeartMemphis said. “So that’s a devastating situation to go through.”

    iHeartMemphis and his Manager Miami Mike said the accusations were hard on his career.

    “It cost me a $100,000,” iHeartMemphis said. “You know it cost me a lot of money paying lawyers. Endorsement deals, losing out on money. Having people book me for shows and then coming back and saying they can’t go through with it.”

    “It really hurt his feelings and I told him don’t worry about it man God is on our side and just have faith,” Miami Mike said.

    After a long process the charges were dropped on April 6 after he said DNA results proved him innocent.

    “My family and my friends they felt bad for me going through such a devastating moment,” iHeartMemphis said. “I’m glad that I had that support from my family and friends.”

    He said he hopes his story will help to motivate youth in Memphis and around the world.

    “I had a Class A felony put against me,” he said.

    “I went broke behind it. Took $35, went to the studio and went platinum and that was my reward from God for not losing faith. So I want to tell them to just never give up.” 

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