• "I'll blow your brains out." Man threatens to shoot security guard in face

    By: Zach Crenshaw


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - “I’ll blow your [expletive] brains out.” That’s what police said a suspect yelled at an apartment security guard. It happened at the Jefferson Square Apartment complex on Friday night.

    Tyrone Miles, 42, was taken into custody before anyone was hurt. For a few moments, though, one man was not sure if he was going to die doing his job.

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    A sign said 'No trespassing,' but when a security guard tried to stop Tyrone Miles Friday night he told police he had a gun in his face.

    "I don't feel safe, I know that,” said Ashley Travis, who works in the Memphis Housing Authority building.

    Travis said was not surprised to hear about the assault.

    “A lot of drug use over here, on top of the mental on this. So I don't put it past anybody,” she said. “They don't like you checking their IDs and stuff. They got a lot of stuff going on over here, so I can see that happening.”

    Tony Holmes, who's lived in the building 15 years, was not phased either.

    “They do it all the time,” he said, speaking about the confrontations. “I lock my door, and I mind my own business, [and] stay away from it.”

    The apartment complex is just yards away from Le Bohneur Children’s Hospital and Regional One. In the last month, there have been 15 aggravated assaults in a mile radius, four of them domestic violence related.

    People at the complex told us the security guard’s been moved to another property.

    Miles is behind bars, a place he has been more than 20 times since 1994.

    Residents and their guests told us they will be even more careful now, and are glad security is doing their job.

    “You never know who you're dealing with or what type of day that person is having or what kind of issues that person has,” said Dewayne Moore. “I don't know, maybe they should raise the pay for security guards because it seems to be a pretty dangerous job.”

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