• Immigration now involved in $1 million Shelby County home raid

    By: Tony Atkins


    SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. - Immigration agents are now involved in the investigation into a raid at a North Memphis home. 

    >>PHOTOS: Chelsea Ave. $1 million home raid 

    Four people were arrested after the Shelby County Sheriff's Office raided a home in the 4200 block of Chelsea late Thursday night. 

    Deputies got information that air conditioners and roofing supplies were being stolen from a new housing development going up in Arlington. That, in addition to thefts at construction sites across Shelby and Tipton Counties.

    Deputies said there was $1 million worth of appliances and supplies. There is enough equipment to fill five tractor trailers. 

    The Shelby County Sheriff's Office released a list of the stolen items and value that it said was estimated on the low side. 

    The list includes: 

    • $745,000 in roofing shingles
    • $88,000 in rolled roofing
    • $12,000 in roofing nails
    • $14,000 in aluminum drip rails and rolled trim
    • $13,000 in stolen lawn equipment
    • 10 vehicles seized
    • 4 arrested (3 from Guatemala and 1 from Mexico)

    Oscar Celallos, Jose Lopez, Victor Gonzalez, and Iserel Dela Cruz were all arrested. ICE was notified of all of their arrests, but deputies said it is unclear at this time whether they are illegal. All, except Lopez (Mexico) are from Guatemala. 

    Investigators told FOX13, De La Cruz was the leader of the operaton. 

    “It seemed to be a transition house for aliens coming out of our borders and coming here to live,” Bonner said. 

    The house is valued at $155,500. The houses to its left and right are valued around 30K each. 

    Deputies believe the house has been operating for about 10 years.

    Additional arrests are anticipated. 

    Deputies said they have seen 30 different roofing crews pull up and then turn around at the home while they have had control of the scene. 


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