• Implementation of SkyCop cams has made swimming pool sites safer, residents say

    By: Siobhan Riley


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Memphis City pools are set to open Memorial Day weekend. FOX13 found out the city is in the process of testing pools right now.

    The city is servicing the pools, such as the one at Ed Rice Community Center and testing them to make sure they are safe.

    According to a source, SkyCop cams are also being tested.

    Police are also monitoring the area.

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    Eight-year-old Torrence Echols is preparing to go swimming this summer when he heads to summer camp.

    Echols said he understands that some kids are afraid of the water.

    “Because their parents did not teach them how to swim, if they teach them how to swim, they wouldn’t drown,” Echols said.

    In 2015, a 13-year-old boy died after climbing the fence at L.E. Brown community center in the 600 block of south Orleans. The pool was closed that Sunday afternoon of the drowning.

    Teddy bears remain wrapped around this utility pole after the boy’s death.

    Precious Jones said she understands what that family is going through.

    Her friend’s three-year-old drowned while vacationing.

    “Baby tumbled out the room and he got out the room and he drowned. They wasn’t paying attention to the baby and, they was looking for the baby and the baby drowned, they was devastated,” Jones said.

    “That was a trip they’ll never forget.”

    After recent incidents, the city placed SkyCop cams at the sites. If someone trespasses, an alert goes off letting the person know that police will be called.

    Tammie Echols said this is why the city needs to extend its pool hours during the summer months.

    “A lot of times with it being closed, the children not being able to do anything, they’ll go to those means and measures to have to break in,” Tammie said.

    A source told FOX13 sites have been a lot safer since the city put these SkyCop cams in place.

    Parents are also encouraged to take advantage of swim lessons at the Memphis summer camps.

    According to the source, parents often are afraid to sign their kids up for those classes because of fear of water.

    In order to swim in the city pools, you must have a city access card. Cards are free.

    Visit fox13memphis.com to find out pool hours and how to access those cards.

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