• Inside look at pot cultivation facility in Arkansas

    By: Winnie Wright


    After a two-year process, medical marijuana plants are being grown in Arkansas.

    Today, FOX13 got an all-access and exclusive look in to one of the state’s first medical marijuana cultivation facilities.

    “The mother room is where we take the clones from the mother plant. Then they come over here under the rock well, developing root systems under the LED lights,” said Robert Lercher, director of customer relations for Bold Team LLC. 

    Bold Team picked the best plants from the various strains and will clone them over and over. Only the female marijuana plants produce a good product.

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    “From there they are up-potted to the three-inch plants you see on the ground and put under 1000-watt lights,” said Lercher.

    Here, the so-called sucker leaves are clipped from the plants. These can’t be smoked but steal nutrients from the part you can.

    The process is so thorough, even they have to be weighed and that number is submitted to the state.

    When they get big enough, the plants are moved to the “veg bay.” The plants spend 21-28 days there growing as big and strong as they can.

    Different strains, FOX13 learned, have different effects. One gives you energy while another could help you sleep.

    “In 60 days these plants will be ready for harvest, and about a week after that, they’ll be ready to ship on to the dispensaries, and ultimately, the patients of Arkansas,” Lercher said.

    Everything is thorough; from the fertilizer used, to the more than 100 security cameras on site.

    It’s been a lengthy learning process for everyone involved.

    “Plants are plants, but we’ve adapted this process from state-to-state, and we’ve surrounded ourselves with experts in the growing field,” said Lercher. “If a problem should arise, they’re able to take care of it.”

    The folks at Bold Team said it’s just a coincidence, but they’re planning for their first harvest on April 20, or 4/20.

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