• It's time to prepare for winter weather

    By: Greg Coy


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Winter Storm Warning is set to take effect at midnight. The time to prepare your house and car is now. Timing is important because of the rain. It can wash away the best made plans.

    Linnie Fletcher lives in Memphis but is from Chicago. Fletcher knows the value of preparing for a winter storm which is why she bought a bag of rock salt. "My house is up on a hill, and I know I can't walk if there is ice out there," said Fletcher.

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    An Ace Hardware store on White Station and Quince had at least three kinds of rock salt and all of them expect to sell fast. Each of them promises to melt the ice. Assistant Manager Rodney Chandler told FOX13, "The enviro blend here. A lot of customers in this neighborhood have pets. So this would be good if you have pets. It won't be harmful to the pets."

    Chandler told FOX13 the key to preparing for a Memphis storm is timing. Don't spread the salt during the rain. "It may still be there, but there is a possibility it will wash away. Time and money being wasted."

    With this storm, don't forget about your car. Jose Rios of the O'Reily Store on Getwell Avenue told us the rain won't stifle product you buy for your car.  "You can treat your car with gas treatment, heat. It prevents your lines from freezing up," said Rios.

    Rios told us people might want to think about how to protect their windshields. It can save time on the morning commute. "On the outside, you see it has the ice here, and it covers your windshield," said Rios.

    Both Rios and Chandler said there is still time to make sure you have everything you need for your home and car, especially the ice scraper.

    "It is really useful though. You always have to keep one of these but not in the car because if it is locked how are you going to get it."

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