Jessica Chambers murder: New trial date set for Quinton Tellis

Mistrial declared in Jessica Chambers murder case

Quinton Tellis, the man charged with the murder of Panola County teen Jessica Chambers, will soon be re-tried in the case.

A mistrial was declared in October after the jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict. It was the result of what became a blunder-filled final day in the courtroom.


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On Oct. 16, juror entered the courtroom around 1:40 p.m. to announce a verdict. But when asked if all of them agreed, the jury foreman told the judge “no.”

20 minutes later, the jury returned to the courtroom and said a verdict had been reached. It was announced that Quinton Tellis was found not guilty. But when the judge polled the jury, some of them said “guilty” and others said “not guilty.” Again, they were sent back to deliberate.

The jury was called back a third time so the judge could read further instructions.

At 4 p.m., the jury returned a final time and informed the judge that they could not make a unanimous decision regarding the murder charge against Tellis.


A new trial date has now been set for Quenton Tellis.

It is scheduled to begin on June 11, 2018. No other specifics were made available, but District Attorney John Champion shot down a report that Tellis would be tried on a lesser charge. He told FOX13 that is not true.


Quinton Tellis is charged with capital murder in the commission of another crime, third-degree arson, in the death of Jessica Chambers. Due to three previous felony charges, the indictment charged Tellis as a habitual offender.

On December 6, 2014, Jessica Chambers was found next to a burning car in Courtland, Miss. The next day, she died as a result of her injuries.

The brutal story of Chambers' murder has been widely publicized. In 2015, People Magazine published a feature titled, "Who Killed Jessica Chambers? One Year After the Small-Town Teen's Fiery Death, Police Reveal New Details."

Tellis was serving time in Ouachita Parish Jail in Monroe, Louisiana, at the time of his indictment in Chamber's murder in 2016. He was being held on charges connected to the brutal stabbing death of 34-year-old Meing-Chen "Mandy" Hsiao.

Tellis pleaded guilty to the unauthorized use of her credit card and was sentenced to 10 years in May 2016. He was later charged in her death as well, but has yet to stand trial.