• Juvenile crime in Memphis trending downward for the sixth year in a row

    By: Tony Atkins


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Juvenile crime in Memphis is trending downward for the sixth year in a row, according to the Memphis-Shelby Crime Commission.

    While some numbers are down, others are up. The report said while overall delinquent charges are down. 

    Minors charged in violent crimes and auto thefts are way up. 


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    “The adults got to get more involved in what’s going on in the kid’s lives around here,” said rapper OG Boo Dirty. 

    Boo dirty said he's not shocked hearing some of the latest figures coming out of juvenile court. 

    With the overall number of juvenile charges down for the seventh year in a row, charges against youth for major violence and car thefts are up significantly. 

    “I’m not surprised because they’re not giving these kids something to do,” Boo Dirty said.

    Wednesday, the rapper offered his own solution, hosting, his annual breast cancer bowl  to raise money for the cause and to help these boys from becoming the statistic. 

    So far in 2017, 428 major violent crime charges have gone to minors, up from 315 last year, and 213 juvenile auto theft charges this year, up from 107 since 2016.

    In 2011, only 23. 

    “Right now, about 40 of all juveniles in our system are repeat offenders. It’s not their first time there,” said Bill Gibbons, president of the Memphis-Shelby Crime Commission.

    Gibbons said while those number are alarming, the decrease in delinquent charges keep going down.

    “There is a pretty steady downward trend, so we can be encouraged by that,” he said. 

    Next Tuesday, the crime commission is hosting a symposium on breaking the cycle of delinquency at the University of Memphis. 

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