• Kroger employee kidnapped outside of grocery store

    By: Jeremy Pierre


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Police are investigating after a Kroger employee was kidnapped outside of his work. 

    Officers were called to the 4200 block of Summer Monday night. 

    The victim told officers he works at the Kroger and was driving behind the building after getting off work. He was going to use the back parking lot exit to go home. He said he had his windows down and was playing music on his phone for the drive home. 

    Hearing a 16 year old was abducted near her job wasn’t the easiest thing to accept for Cindy Marlow.

    "We have been saying even of yesterday that they need more security,” Marlow said.

    He said three men in black sweatshirts with half face masks ran up to his car, and one pointed a gun at his face. 

    He was told to get in the passenger seat or he would be shot. The suspects also told him to look at the ground. 

    Joe Carter said this is bringing the problem of crime in the area to light.

    "There is no reason to kidnap a 16 year old he has his whole life to live,” Carter said.

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    The other two suspects got into the backseat and the drove away with him. 

    He said they stopped the car several times and would get out and talk. He said at one point when they stopped they told him to get into the backseat. 

    When the driver stopped again and the other two suspects got out of the car, the victim said he saw a chance to get away. 

    From the backseat, he stuck his leg across the center arm rest and hit the gas pedal. 

    The car jerked forward, and the victim was able to grab the wheel. 

    "They see now we definitely need more security,” Marlow said.

    He said one of the suspects tried to hold onto the bottom window jam of the door, but was dragged and tore some of the door panel off. 

    The victim told police he drove until he felt safe, but did not know where he was going, because he had been looking down the whole time the suspects were driving him around. 

    He said he stopped at several gas stations, asking to get to his home address, but did not get good directions. 

    The victim's father later told police he believes they took him in the area of Summer and White Station and also Walnut Grove from the few location descriptions the victim was able to give. 

    Once the victim got home, he told his father what happened and called police. 

    The victim had scratches and torn clothing. He also lost one of his neon orange Nike hightop shoes during the scuffle. 

    Police said there were no security cameras in the rear of Kroger that they could see. 

    "I hate that because I have been robbed out here myself,” Carter said.

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