Landscaper's truck and equipment stolen at Home Depot in Memphis

WATCH: Landscaper's truck and equipment stolen

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A local landscaper said he is beyond angry after having his truck and his trailer with all of his equipment stolen.

It happened in the parking lot of a Southeast Memphis Home Depot early just before noon.

A trip to Home Depot left one of their customer’s uneasy after walking out the store to their truck Thursday morning.

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Jahi Eggleston’s said he didn’t see his white Chevrolet Silverado truck in the spot he parked it in.

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The landscaper who takes pride in cutting the grass at his church said along with his truck, the thieves also got away with his trailer full of tools and lawn equipment.

"When I pulled in a suspicious vehicle pulled around in front of me,” Eggleston said.

Memphis police officers said video footage of the incident shows a silver pickup truck pulled next to Eggleston’s truck.

That’s when someone got out, got into Eggleston’s truck and drove off.

Eggleston said he’s aware of recent thefts in the area reported to police.

"This place is a place where you really have to be careful when you come up here,” Eggleston said.

According the MPD Cyber Watch, there have been 13 thefts that have been reported in the shopping center where the Home Depot is.

Eggleston said he’s got a message for the thieves with hopes that they feel conviction.

"Find you some Jesus because if you had him in your life I don't think you would be going around preying on people that are hustling on the legal side,” Eggleston said.