Law enforcement provides survey to gage community's interaction with police

MEMPHIS, Tenn — The Memphis Shelby Crime Commission wants to hear from you.

It is asking people to gage their interaction with law enforcement in the city and county through an online survey.

The questions touch a range of topics and allow the respondents to add additional comments if they want.

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The questions are suppose to help the crime commission understand how the public views law enforcement both in Memphis and Shelby County.

“It may sound crazy but sometimes they think they are doing a good job, and they are not doing a good job,” said Darryl Pitold after we showed him the survey questions.

The survey asks such questions as how do people to rate law enforcement?, is their mutual respect? and do officers and deputies have enough resources to fight crime?

Beverly McRee told FOX13, “I think they need bodies not really tools. They have everything they need.”

The Memphis Shelby Crime Commission is conducting this survey as part of its Operation Safe Community Plan 3.0  to help build better relations between law enforcement and the public.

FOX13 showed the questions to Maurricio Calvo of Latino Memphis.

Calvo welcomes the survey but wants to know what will happen once it is finished.

“I think the responses should be made public and the response from the officials should follow.  We got the results and this what we plan to do," said Calvo.

FOX13 has learned there is no deadline on when the survey will ended, but it will repeated three years from now to examine if the relationship between the public and law enforcement has either improved or gotten worse.

A spokesman for the Sheriff’s Department said he welcomed the survey telling us, “Great, have them rate us.”

The survey is different from the survey MPD conducted back in March that dealt with the use excessive force. Those numbers are still being crunched.