Lawsuit filed against Memphis VA

Lawsuit filed against VA Hospital

A lawsuit has been filed against the Memphis VA Medical Center for negligence concerning the care of one of its patients.

That patient went from self-sufficient to paralyzed from the waist down in a span of just 16 months.

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FOX13 spoke with the woman who filed the lawsuit on behalf of her husband.  She said she is ready for this battle.

This lawsuit states in detail what the doctors missed that this man's wife believes lead to his current condition.

She works two jobs already; fulltime caregiver is now a third.

She has asked to remain anonymous. Her husband is still a patient at the Memphis VA Medical Center and she worries about retribution.

"I said you mean to tell me it's been a year and some months and we've been going around thinking he had a TIA and he had a tumor? He said yes. That's exactly what I'm telling you.”

Those are the memories of an interaction this woman who wants to remain anonymous had with a doctor at the Memphis VA Medical Center.

She is now in a legal battle with the Memphis VA Medical Center.

The lawsuit filed on January 25th accuses the VA of negligence in the way they treated her husband who is now paralyzed from the waist down.

An MRI was taken at the VA back in April of 2015, where doctors found a growth that was located on her husband's throat.

She wanted that MRI, compared to another MRI taken of her husband's throat a year earlier at the same VA Medical Center in February of 2014.

"So he brought the films in there. He said, you see this. You see this. They match,” The woman said.

The alleged omission of the tumor from the 2014 MRI wasn't the only surprise. That growth reached her husband's spine and which lead it to deteriorate.

That lead to paralysis. She also told FOX13 doctors blamed her.

"He said I understand that y'all knew about the tumor. I said, do you have any documentation that we knew about the tumor? I said there is nowhere in his record that he has a tumor. So, I don’t know who you're trying to accuse or if you're trying to take up for one of your partners," said the woman.

The woman said she has depleted her savings and now needs a new home that's handicap accessible just to care for her husband. He also needs around the clock care. She told us all of this could have been avoided if that tumor was found 3 years ago.

When asked how much of this she blames on the Memphis VA Medical Center, her answer is quick and definite. “100 percent. No questions about it.”

This woman told FOX13 she has already had to buy a handicap accessible van for $75,000.

She said the VA came up with just $27,000 of that.

She also told us that she met with the House Veteran Affairs Committee investigators for 2 hours last week, telling them her story. We will keep you updated on her story.