Le Bonheur releases statement about employee after Friday night shooting

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Le Bonheur Children's Hospital plans to increase security after one of their employees was injured in a shooting Friday night near the hospital.

Police said the suspects tried to carjack the woman on Leath St. and she drove herself back to the hospital for help.

FOX13 asked the hospital to explain security measures they plan to take.

Monday, we heard from a spokeswoman with Le Bonheur.

She said they are increasing the number of security officers on site.

Police said after the victim drove herself to Le Bonheur for help, she was taken to Regional One Hospital.

Glenn Hill was visiting people at the hospital.

He found out about the shooting over the weekend.

"Horrible, just horrible like oh my god can't believe it," he said.

Police said the victim was either getting into her car or getting out when two men tried to rob her.

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The victim's windshield was shot out and a bullet hole was in the driver's side of the car.

Monday afternoon, Le Bonheur released a statement that said:

In part, violence is a community wide issue and requires a community wide approach to tackle this difficult problem.

"That's pretty rough right there, and we just need to encourage all these people with the guns to put down the guns," Hill said.

People who visit the area are asking Memphis Police to increase patrols in the area.

In its statement:

Le Bonheur it is working with the city, Memphis Police and the Memphis Medical District collaborative to address larger issues surrounding violence in surrounding neighborhoods.

They will work with Memphis Police to increase their presence in the area.

"I hope they do find the individual that was responsible for their act because it's just so much going on a lot of it is just senseless also," Hill said.

A hospital spokesperson said the victim and her family are not talking to media at this time and are asking for privacy.

Police said the suspects are between 20 to 30-years-old.