'Left eye' killer leaves behind trail of bodies in Mississippi

WATCH: Left eye murder

There is a killer in Marshall County Mississippi. And they leave behind a distinct mark.

The first murders was in September of 2015. Since then, there have been three more, each shot under the left eye.

Eric Hubbard’s son was the first victim. His son Devin murdered and dumped here on the side of a Marshall County road.

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"Why in the hell isn’t anyone convicted or locked up on this. This is a hard pill to swallow every day. Every day I wake up. Ain't a day that goes by I don't think about my son." Hubbard said.

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Will Phillips Lives next door is his next-door neighbor.

"The devil the devil the devil did this was the devils work, " Will Phillips Sr. said.

Devin Hubbard and Will Philips Jr. two victims, there are four in all, all shot under their left eye - all dumped on deserted county roads.

Sandra Bady's 18-year-old son, Melvin Brown was the youngest victim. He was left in a friend’s car at the end of a winding eerily desolate county road. They took his life and his shoes.

"Yes, they took his shoes off of his feet yep. That's all that I know was taken off of him was his shoes." Sandra Bady said.

Jamon Moton’s son was also killed, Delois Bowen.

She wears his image as a reminder. "Wasn't no robbery or no nothing. So, I guess it's a hate crime on my son,“ Moton said.

FOX13 Spoke with Coroner Anderson when we first started looking into the links in these cases.

He has been the only official close to the cases to speak.

"Yes, one is where the gentlemen are being shot on the left side of the face."

Anderson said in 2016 but the coroner is not talking anymore and Marshall County lead Investigator Kelly McMillian hasn't answered FOX13's questions on the case– ever.
FOX13 turned to criminologist Dr. KB Turner.

Turner is also a former investigator. He said the killer or killers may have been operating in the same way for a reason.

"Well quite frankly what the message is I can't elaborate because I don't know all the specific message which is to invoke fear." Turner said

And he does not know if the killer is even from the area.