Level Up: FedEx & MVSU working together to help graduates find employment

ITTA BENA, Miss. — People with a college degree are more likely to be employed than students who don't finish high school.

But that college degree doesn't guarantee employment.

In fact, the unemployment rate for those with bachelor's degrees and higher was just around 2% in 2018.

FedEx is trying to reduce the number of unemployed college students in the Mississippi Delta before graduation.

Mississippi Valley State University became the first HBCU to partner with FedEx logistics on a program that pays students to learn and work in logistics without interrupting their pursuit of a degree.

Ashley Carpenter, a student at MVSU told FOX13, "We don't get offered these opportunities a lot where I'm from in Indianola, Mississippi."

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The opportunity almost sounds too good to be true. It will mean potential long-term careers for the Itta Bena college students. And these students are not interns, they're employees.

Kierra Bilbrew, with FedEx Logistics, told FOX13, "training lasted for about three weeks. The last two weeks was an overview of the company, benefits and resources. And the last week of training was on the job training ending with a written exam, which you must pass."

After a FedEx logistics professional monitors their skills for readiness, they start working with customers around the world by computer.

"Everything that comes into the U.S. from FedEx Express they are making sure that it gets the correct tariff, the right duties, if it qualifies for any free trade agreements, that it's all documented in our system," said Bilbrew.

A big hurdle that college graduates face is applying for jobs and companies saying they want more experience. MVSU and FedEx have come up with a solution.

"They'll also be out future employees, so we will be able to tap into that talent and bring them on board once they graduate," said Thanh Anderson, with FedEx Logistics.

For more information about employement opportunities with FedEx Logistics visit https://careers.fedex.com/fedex/