Level Up: Good Samaritans help senior citizen after MLGW bill tripled

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Our Level Up report about a senior citizen who could no longer pay her MLGW bill after it tripled to one-thousand dollars, caught the attention of one very special viewer.

Original Story: Level Up: Memphis woman seeks helps after MLGW bill jumped from $200 a month to $1,000

The lead contractor with Designer Wholesale in Collierville pulled together a team to help Betty Prise in South Memphis.

Designer Wholesale lead contractor Andy Collier and the BullsEye Leak Detection plumbers got to work on a 2-year-old problem of running water that jacked up Prise's utility bill beyond what she could afford.

Andrew told FOX13, "I just shot Mearl a quick email, she fired back, think while she was on the air...we kinda scheduled everything."

Within minutes, the men found the problem. Dug it out.

Within two hours, they repaired the pipe and fixed another potential problem.

Prise told FOX13," I feel blessed. I feel wonderful. I can get this water. I can sleep now. I can pay other bills."

Designer Wholesale and BullsEye went back the next day and filled in the big holes in her front yard that formed from two years of running water.

And the good Samaritans didn't stop there. They set up a Go Fund Me for Prise called "Ms. Prise MLGW Water Leak Bill Relief."

>>Go Fund Me for MLGW Water Leak Bill Relief

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