Level Up: Shopping safe this holiday season

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Sadly the most wonderful time of the year is a happy time for criminals too.

They know more people will be out and about shopping.

Former Shelby County Sheriff's Captain Bennie Cobb shared a few ways you can level up your shopping safety.

  • Lighten the load, don't overload your arms
  • Have your keys ready
  • Know your surroundings
  • Give up the goods
  • Ask security for an escort

Carrying too many packages when you leave the store is a bad idea. If your hands are too full, then you can't have your keys ready.

You also can't be on the lookout if you have too much in your hands, and the phone in your hands just adds to the distraction.

If you are threatened with violence over your packages, purse or wallet, throw those things at the assailant and get out of there.

Remember, keys out, eyes up, phone down.

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