Level Up: UPSkill 901 Summit could be your ticket to employment

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An upcoming Workforce Summit could be your opportunity to change your family's life.

Mark your calendar for Oct. 22 and Oct. 30, because the UPSkill 901 Summit could have a lasting impact on your future and put you on your path to Level Up.

Oct. 22 kicks off the creative planning where the Greater Memphis Chamber launches a bold job planning summit designed to get 10,000 people in this area trained for high skilled technology careers, giving it the name UPSkill 901.

Leaders from human resources, education, job placement, and local industry will map out where future jobs for Memphis will be and how to train existing low skilled workers to be prepared for employment.

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The chamber sees this plan happening over the next three years, but in the meantime, the Chamber is pulling together a job fair to hire people right now.

Day two of UPSkill 901, Oct.30, is your chance to get hired on the spot.

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Sixty companies including: American Commercial Barge Line, Bank of America, Blues City Brewery, Kruger Products, Natureplex pharmaceutical, Smith and Nephew, Titan manufacturing, AB Mauri, have all agreed to hire people on the spot, people with and without skills.

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There will also be a place on-site to get a free haircut, pick out clothing from Dress for Success and get your resume written.

The UPSkill 901 Workforce Summit kicks off Oct. 30 starting at 10 a.m. 940 Early Maxwell Blvd.

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