• Lime scooters leaving Memphis due to 'weather, regulations, usage' and other issues

    By: Alexa Armstrong


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Lime plans to pull its 450 scooters off the city's streets, but they hope to partner with the City of Memphis in the future.

    A spokesperson for Lime told FOX13: 

    Every city is different and there is no one-size-fits-all transportation solution vehicle selection and availability vary across each and are determined through several factors including weather, regulations, usage, infrastructure availability and other analyses. We are grateful to Memphis residents for welcoming us and we are proud of the City of Memphis for being forward thinking about micromobility. We remain hopeful about partnering on solutions for Memphis residents in the future.

    Lime hit a road bump last year when they first launched in Memphis. According to the City at the time, Lime began operating in Memphis "without obtaining a permit or entering into an operating agreement."

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    Don't worry! If you're still looking for an electric scooter to cruise around Memphis on, Bolt, Spin, Bird and Explore Bike Share are still in the area. 

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