Link uncovered between unsolved Memphis homicide and threat to local officers

WATCH: Link uncovered between unsolved Memphis homicide and threat to local officers

SHELBY CO., Tenn. — FOX13 uncovered a link between an unsolved Memphis homicide and a threat to officers.

The unsolved homicide on Imogene Street in Memphis has raised concern for law enforcement across West Tennessee to be alert.

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The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation emailed FOX13 and said it had received information about general officer safety. The TBI did stress there was no specific threat.

However, both Memphis police and Shelby County Sheriff’s Office are taking this alert seriously.

Memphis homicide detectives are still working to solve the murder on Jan. 10 that prompted the alert.

The motive may have been gang-related, but the crime has caused emotions and tensions to flare which could impact public safety across West Tennessee.

"I do know that officers are aware that there are indications that threats have been made against law enforcement officers in West Tennessee and probably the correctional facility," said Michael Williams, President of the Memphis Police Association.

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FOX13 inquired about this threat to TBI. The bureau responded by email.

"(We) were requested to provide a situational awareness message to law enforcement agencies for general officer safety. There was no specific threat," the TBI said.

FOX13 obtained a document from the TBI issued Friday.

It warns that recent activity among a certain gang "has increased the threat to officer safety on the street and in detention centers in Tennessee.”

“These members may be active and could be a threat to officer safety,” the TBI wrote in the memo.

"Asked that they be a little bit more cautious in answering calls and be a little bit more vigilant,” said Williams.

SCSO has passed along the same alert to deputies working at the county jail at 201 Poplar, Jail East and even the juvenile detention center.

This recent warning has not raised the threat level to what it was back in 2016 when law enforcement around the nation were fearful after Dallas police officers were killed by a sniper attack.

During those months that followed, MPD doubled up the manpower for patrol and placed officers outside the court house.

"Threats are made against law enforcement all the time, and if every time a threat was made and you went to level three or four then you would always be hyper vigilant,” said Williams.

Memphis police released the following statement regarding the threats:

"Anytime we receive information relative to threats made toward law enforcement officers; we take it seriously. The MPD did receive a BOLO from T.B.I.; however, you will need to contact T.B.I. to receive information pertaining to the BOLO. For officer safety reasons, MPD will not release law enforcement sensitive information.
Also, anytime we receive information from any agency pertaining to potential threats to law enforcement officers, MPD Communications will broadcast the information on all frequencies."