Little sign of change at Mid-South shelter after puppies euthanized

Little sign of change at Mid-South shelter after puppies euthanized

SENATOBIA, MS — In August, FOX13 reported local animal rescues were furious after several puppies were euthanized by a Mid-South shelter, seemingly for no reason. Those rescues demanded answers and change.

FOX13 went back to Senatobia to see if any change has been made.

"They were picked up Thursday, they were dead Friday by 3 o'clock in the afternoon." That was Jim Davila on August 8th. He was one of just several rescue volunteers that reached out to FOX13 outraged that two litters of seemingly-healthy puppies, in the process of being rescued, were instead euthanized at the Senatobia-Tate Animal Shelter.

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More than a month later, Davila is still hot.

"I don't think he realized there are people who know the truth and do care about animals, which obviously he does not," he said.

Davila continues to place the blame squarely on Senatobia Mayor Greg Graves.

In August of 2018, FOX13 reported City Aldermen, including Graves, voted to cut the shelter's staff in half. Then Mayor, Alan Callicott opposed the move and resigned a month later.

Graves became Mayor and hired Alicia Burns to do the job.

"If this were just a job of picking up garbage or reading meters, I can understand putting your friend, because that's just a job, but this is a matter of life and death for dogs and cats, and the person in charge of the shelter makes those decisions," Davila told FOX13's Winnie Wright.

FOX13 has been reaching out to Mayor Graves since before our story ran in August. Several weeks later he emailed us back, saying, "I'll have to decline your offer at this time." He did, however, speak to the local newspaper.

"He isn't telling the truth. When he's confronted with the facts and the truth, he has no comeback," Davila answered when we asked why he thought Mayor Graves wouldn't meet with us.

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Back in August, knowing it was too late for the puppies already gone, Davila and the others demanded change. However, he said a continued lack of transparency leaves him doubting change is coming.

"Everybody should definitely voice their concerns," he said finally. Adding, "if you can go to a meeting, go to a meeting. Continue putting pressure in any way you can.

The next City of Senatobia Board meeting is Tuesday night at 5 p.m.