Local activist plans to counter-protest Confederate rally

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Neo Nazis and Confederate supporters plan to be in Memphis Saturday. But counter-protests are also planned.

Activists like Frank Gottie, who helped organize the march on the bridge in 2016, say they will be at Health Sciences Park.

Gottie told FOX13 he wants out of town protesters to know how Memphians feel about their presence.
"Our goal is to keep the peace and make sure everybody makes it home safe. Make sure they make it home safe and we make it home safe," said Gottie.
Gottie said his other goal is to send a message to the protesters.
"We're going to have a 'no KKK' signs wanted and 'no white supremacist groups wanted.' 'No hate groups wanted.' We are going to bring our signs like that."
The group Confederate901 is going to be riding around the park. Neo-Nazi Billy Roper and others plan to be on the ground. Gottie said he hopes no one provokes violence.
"They need to know what they're stepping themselves into. Because we know what we're getting ourselves into. Because this is our city," said Gottie
"This is The Bluff City, and we don't bluff."