Local attorney weighs in on Sherra Wright case

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Now that the Sherra Wright is in custody in Riverside California, she’ll be extradited back to Memphis, and the process she'll go through will be relatively simple.

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Attorney Blake Ballin told us when she arrives to Memphis, she'll have an arraignment in a reasonable time, likely after the first of the year.

“She'll be told what she's charged with and will be asked if she has a lawyer. If she's able to hire one, certainly that person would appear with her. Otherwise, she'll be assigned a public defender," Ballin said.

Ballin said Sherra Wright will then be taken and housed at the jail's women's facility and typically with a first-degree murder charge, no bond will likely be set.

“First-degree murder is really the only crime for which you are not entitled to bond. So there is a chance that when she makes it to Memphis, she will actually remain in custody without a bond.”

Ballin adds as a matter of routine, she'll likely plead not guilty upon her arraignment and then from there all of the information and evidence will be turned over by the state to the defense for them to review.

Because Billy Turner and Sherra Wright are alleged to be co-conspirators, it's likely they will be tried together.

“A lot of times when you have co-conspirators, it may be a situation where one ends up testifying against the other. You see that all the time, but if that is not the case, both defendants are going to trial together," said Ballin.