• Local community member reacts to gang threats following fatal shooting of Brandon Webber

    By: Jonathan Marshall


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Law enforcement officers are on alert tonight after the Mississippi Department of Public Safety issued a warning that a gang has made a threat on all officers.

    They said it is a retaliation after a U.S. Marshal shot and killed Brandon Webber on Wednesday.

    Dr. Jeffery Futrell is not taking this story or threats toward law enforcement lightly. He said the community as a whole shouldn’t either.

    “Considering the state, the economic imbalance, much like a chemical imbalance, it produces negative behavior,” he said.

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    As president of Young Man University, Futrell works to provide a positive route for young men in Memphis.

    That is why the shooting and killing of Brandon Webber, 20, cuts deep.


    “I don’t look at it and say, ‘Well, it’s just another,’ I don’t. I take it home with me. I’m going to deal with it.

    I have to process it. Part of the processing is frustration from the community.”

    According to the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, a gang has made a threat against law enforcement.

    As a former gang member in Los Angeles, Futrell said this should be taken seriously.

    “Personally, I think all threats are real. I don’t think there is a threat that you take light. I don’t care who says it,” he said.

    Futrell said this is expected with so much still unknown.

    “If people don’t have information, then they use their imagination and they create their own realities. So, however that plays out, that’s kind of where we are. But they’re derivative effects of war,” he said.

    Futrell said the only solution is a unified effort.

    “Victor Hugo quoted that, ‘If the soul is left in darkness, then sin will be committed.’ The one to blame is not the one who committed the sin, but the one who created the darkness. So, we gotta step back in time and see where all this came from. Then everyone, no one can escape culpability,” Futrell said.

    His efforts to provide solutions include giving young men the opportunity for ownership…he said ownership provides good citizenship.

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