• Local detective named one of top 10 cyber crimes investigators in U.S. by Secret Service

    By: Tom Dees


    DESOTO CO., Miss. - Mississippi native Greg Horton is one of the top 10 cyber crimes investigators in the country.

    Horton, a detective with the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department, was recognized by the U.S. Secret Service as the fourth best investigator in the country. 

    He has racked up more than 2,200 forensic exams of computers and phones. 

    Horton is so good at catching cyber criminals, he teaches classes on it at the National Computer Forensics institute. 

    He told FOX13 he loves his job, and he appreciates the recognition by the Secret Service.

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    “The internet crimes against children, those cases are the most gratifying when you catch these guys,” Horton said.

    Horton is a father of two young children who calls the work tedious but very rewarding – with an increasing number of cases.

    He advises parents stay on top of their kids’ online activities.

    “At those young ages, they don’t need the privacy. They may want it, but you have got to check it because these predators are out there and it’s a lot more prevalent than you realize,” said Horton.

    Horton had advice to share with FOX13 for parents looking to protect their kids against online predators.

    “I would look at their YouTube searches. I would look at their internet history, not just their searches. Sometimes, their searches will pull up things they don’t need to. I think the biggest thing I would do is set parental controls in a way that they can’t figure out your password and lock me down as much as you can,” Horton said.

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