Local family to compete on national game show

WATCH: Local family competing on Family Feud

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s family time in the Dickerson household and the bunch is playing along with their favorite game show

The Family Feud, but in just a few days they won’t be playing from their living room.

“Anxiety set in and it’s like oh my gosh, we’re going to be on Family Feud on national television,” Stephanie Gunn said.

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The Memphis family will compete on an upcoming episode that will air on October 7.

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Gunn said the family came up with the idea to compete last year.

“Teresa calls and is like ‘hey, what do you guys think about going on Family Feud?’” Gun said.

“So, we had to poll the family to see who would be willing to go on Family Feud, we came up with the four of us plus CJ.”

The team members are Demone Dickerson, Teresa Dickerson, Stephanie Gunn, Celestine Smith and CJ Taylor.

After sending in an audition tape the family was selected to audition in Louisville, Kentucky and compete again hundreds of families for a spot on the show.

The Louisville audition was in September 2018.

A few months later the family received the great news.

“You were in like Macy’s when you found out right?” Teresa Dickerson asked Gunn.

“Yes, screaming and jumping up and down,” Gunn said.

“The cashier was like, ‘Is everything alright, if you need some time just take your time.’ When I told her about it, she started screaming and jumping up and down!”

In April, the family flew to Los Angeles for the national taping.

“It was really fun,” Teresa Dickerson said.

“We didn’t realize we were on set all day. Time passed by and they made it fun. They had the music going on the entire time. They danced, I mean the crowd had gotten into it and of course Steve.”

“It was more like Uncle Steve,” Gun said.

“He was just so down to earth.”

The family told FOX13 the atmosphere was super competitive leading to some right and a few wrong answers.

“Every category threw me off,” Teresa Dickerson said.

“I don’t know what happened, but I was scared.”

"There's not time for thought," Demone Dickerson said. 
"It's almost like, if you don't know this, you won't know it in three seconds."

Beyond the cameras and lights, the Dickerson says the experience brought them closer.

“It was a great chance to bond,” Teresa Dickerson said.

“This is something none of our other family members can say they’ve participated in.”

Family Feud will hold auditions in Memphis on December 7 and 8.