• Local gas station owner under fire after watered-down gasoline causes several car breakdowns

    By: Jacque Masse


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A gas station owner in North Memphis is under fire after customers filled up their cars with watered down gasoline. 

    The owner of the Macon Express off Macon Road is now offering to pay for those damaged cars. 

    FOX13 spoke to a family whose daughter’s car broke down as she was coming from out-of-town for Christmas. 

    Terry Yager said he confronted the owner because his daughter filled up her car with the watered down gas, which caused it to break down just down the road. 

    Yager said other customers were having car troubles after they pumped gas there as well.

    “They knew about it because four or five customers came in in total, and I felt like when they sold us this gas they already knew they were having trouble with it,” said the girl’s mother. 

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    The owner, Bali Guraya, spoke with FOX13 off camera and said he will pay the families for car damage and towing costs because of the bad gas. 

    Guraya told FOX13 a gas company left the gas caps open when they were making a delivery, which caused water to get inside. 

    On Wednesday afternoon, crews worked on changing the filters and replacing the gas caps to help fix the issue.

    Guraya said those who were affected by the gasoline problems just need to bring their receipts to the store to get paid for the damages. 

    If you think you have been the victim of bad or watered-down gas, the state of Tennessee can help. 

    The Tennessee Department of Agriculture tests fuel quality and monitors complaints. 

    You can file a complaint with the department, who is able to pull fuel samples from the gas station for inspection. 

    Remember to keep your receipt to help the state verify your purchase. 

    For more information and how to contact the TDA, visit their website here.

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