Local lawmaker to introduce "dress code" for parents, visitors of TN schools

A Memphis lawmaker is proposing a bill that introduces a dress and conduct code for parents and visitors of Tennessee schools.

State Representative Antonio Parkinson said it’s all about the message being sent to kids and the bill could be introduced soon.

Parkinson told FOX13 after hearing stories from parents, and even principals, it’s something he’s looking to tackle.

“We want to protect our students. We want to protect the staff and we want to protect the integrity of the institution,” he said.

Parkinson said he’s in the early stages of drafting a bill that could implement school visitation policies at each district across Tennessee. He’s taking input for parents, educators and principals who are expressing concerns about some visitors at the school.

“We hold our children accountable. We hold educators accountable with appropriated conduct and anyone else should be held to the same standards,” Parkinson said.

The state representative told FOX13 if the bill passes, each school district will have to form a code of conduct for school visitors. In addition to the dress coding, Parkinson wants the bill to prevent on-campus fighting or visitors showing up under the influence.

“When these incidents happen, it creates a situation for children to be bullied,” he explained.  “It would be anywhere between two and four weeks before it’s heard in its first committee.”

Each district would be responsible for forming its own code of conduct.