Local officials warning people to be cautious in these dangerous heat waves

WATCH: Local officials warning people to be cautious in these dangerous heat waves

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The excessive heat advisory may be over for the week, but it's still very hot outside.

The Shelby County Health Department said there haven't been any heat-related deaths this year, but dozens have been going to the emergency room for heat-related illnesses.

There have been triple digit heat indices this week, and those numbers are even higher on hot cars.

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"You leave somebody in a car they don't have a lot of time because the temperatures are going to soar inside that vehicle," said Brent Perkins of the Shelby County Fire Department.

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First responders are warning people to always double check their backseat.

"We have a lot on our minds but for heaven's sake turn around and make sure you haven't left a child in that car. Make sure your pets are not in that car because when we get the call, we will take the windows out," said Perkins.

The health department reports 46 people went to the ER last week and 25 over the weekend for heat-related illnesses.

First responders said people should also check in on your elderly loved ones and neighbors who may get sick in the heat.

"Our family members may appear confused, they can have an onset of dizziness, feeling faint. Get those folks cooled off, get them inside before their heat exhaustion becomes heat stroke," said Perkins.

And first responders are also reminding people to stay hydrated.