Local townhome residents under court order to clean up the area

WATCH: Local townhome residents under court order to clean up

SHELBY CO., Tenn. — People who live in the Fox Hollow Townhomes are under a court order to clean up or go to jail.

Blight and illegal dumping continue to be big issues on the property where the townhomes are. FOX13 spoke with members of a local church, who said they are fed up with the trash problem.

On Tuesday, more than 30 people who live there reported to environmental court after a judge ordered them to appear.

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If they didn’t show, the judge planned to issue a warrant for their arrests while also hitting them with a fine.

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Pat Rodgers attends the church across the street from Fox Hollow.

“Greater Harvest is a light in the community. We have actually been reaching out to this area,” Rodgers said.

In the past, Rodgers led initiatives to clean the troubled property up. Rodgers said the property is a haven for illegal dumping, and nothing is being done about it.

“Now the homeowners are paying $64 in dues per month, and that is going to take care some of the issues over there,” said Rodgers.

Rodgers told FOX13 the tougher environmental court is on people who live in the townhomes. The sooner trash and blight can be cleaned from Fox Hollow, the better.

People who live in the townhomes said Judge Dandridge told residents to return to court next month.