• Local woman goes to police station with pastor to admit to killing husband, officials say

    By: Tom Dees


    HERNANDO, Miss. - A Hernando woman is charged with killing her husband tonight, it is the city’s first homicide in three years. 

    As FOX13  found out, Memphis police said Jamie Lynn Johnson turned to her pastor before turning herself in. 

    According to Chief Scott Worsham, Johnson turned herself in to the police department accompanied by her pastor and mother.

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    “Well it certainly is not usual for someone who has committted a murder to just walk in to say hey I did this. Usually we have to do a lengthy investigation and track these folks down,” Chief Worsham said.

    Hernando police told FOX13 Johnson murdered her husband Gregory on Wednesday in their mobile home around 6 p.m., by shooting him in the head. Johnson then turned to her pastor for counseling before turning herself in. 

    FOX13 spoke to Johnson's pastor today. She did not go on camera because she did not want to break the family's confidentiality.

    “After she committed the crime she went to her mother and pastor and had a discussion with them. There had actually been a few hours between the reported time and the time that she came in,” Chief Worsham said.

    Khalid Jar manages a gas station down the street from the location of the murder.

    “Yeah, we know the lady and we know the guy. Good people we see in here every day for food, gas, and cigarettes and we came this morning and we heard about what happened last night and are shocked," he said.

    Jar told FOX13 he is not sure what to make of the killing as the pair was always together.

    “But as they say you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors,” Jar said.

    Police told FOX13 they have been to the same address on other occasions, but will not say what it involved.

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