• Loose dogs in neighborhood creates issues for residents

    By: Tom Dees


    CORINTH, Miss. - Police in Corinth, Mississippi have been receiving calls about loose dogs in the area. The police chief said the police department will be cracking down on the issue.

    With the weather getting better, more people in the area are getting outside. The issue with loose dogs has escalated to the point where some runners and walkers are being chased by the animals.

    “In the past few months, I have gotten an increasing amount of calls about dogs running free….chasing cars and chasing people,” Chief Ralph Dance told FOX13.

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     Flora Brand said loose dogs have been a constant problem in her neighborhood. 

    “I have seen several packs of dogs, maybe six or seven or eight dogs, running around,” Brand said. “Some big and some little. Don’t know who they belong to, but I have run them off several times.” 

    Chief Dance told FOX13 that homeowners who let their dogs run free are facing a warning and then a $25 to $500 fine.

    Brand told FOX13 she has cats and is afraid the city's loose dogs might attack one of them. 

    FOX13 saw several loose dogs while in Brand's neighborhood.

    The presence of loose dogs in Corinth has become so severe that the police department has posted printed notices on residents' doors to remind them to keep their dogs fenced in or on a leash.

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