Lorenzen Wright's mother facing potential eviction, opens up about ongoing struggles

Deborah Marion, the mother of slain NBA basketball star Lorenzen Wright, is facing potential eviction from her home.

Her lights were recently cut off for non-payment, and she owes nearly $2,000 to her landlord. While her lights are back on, Marion’s worry about her future remains up in the air.

“Things as simple as little stuff like this housing and electricity. All that stuff wouldn't have been a problem if Lorenzen was here,” said Marion.

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A letter was recently sent to her. To stand out, it was red in color. It said to call the office to stop a pending eviction.

We called the realty office to ask about the situation. The company told FOX13 they have not initiated legal proceedings to evict Marion, and they are trying to work with her.

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The struggle for Marion truly began when her son was murdered in 2010. She internalized many things, and difficultly paying her bills was one of them.

“I have never had these type of problems before in my life. Never. Never. Never. Never,” said Marion. “I don't know what I’m going to do now.”

Marion told FOX13 that Lorenzen used to pay her monthly expenses. But when he died, the money stopped coming because she was not in the will.

Earlier this year, she stopped working at her job at Nike. She is actively trying to get another job, but the search has not been swift or easy.

Marion's power was restored after a payment resolution Wednesday morning, but the dim light over her and her families head remains.

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