Lorenzen’s mom visits lake where gun was found

Mother’s pain

WALNUT, Miss. — Lorenzen Wright’s mother visited the site where MPD say a gun was located that killed her son.

A small lake in Walnut, Mississippi was where the gun was located that police said killed the University of Memphis and Grizzlies star Lorenzen Wright. Deborah Marion talked to FOX13 Friday afternoon about what she thinks the people responsible for her sons murder were doing in Walnut.

"You had to have known before that this was here. This was premeditated. They knew where they were going to throw the gun. They knew the whole time," Ms. Deborah said.

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After fighting for justice for her slain son for nearly 7 and a half years, the phone call from Memphis Police this week sent shock waves through the mother who is still searching for answers.

"I can't give up. If I give up, it's like I'm giving up on my son and I can't give up on my son because he wouldn't give up on me," the mother told FOX13.

Ms. Deborah told FOX13 the feeling can only be described as surreal now as she stood Friday afternoon at waters edge where the weapon was found to kill her son.

"I'm going to fight this until the day I die. If they don't find him before I die, honey, my kids are going to take up where I left off, but I'm not giving up. I can't give up," the mom said.

Since Wright's murder, Shelby County has worked with local governments on the Public Safety Answering Point. It is system that helps dispatchers immediately reroute a call picked up by a cell tower to the exact police or fire department that can handle the emergency.

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