• Lynching memorial headed to north Mississippi, still waiting on officials to approve language

    By: Tom Dees


    A group is calling itself Lynching Memorialization in Lafayette County said the board of supervisors has given the go-ahead for a memorial on the square, but the board did not approve the language.

    Alonzo Hilliard with the Lynching Memorial board said the board of supervisors approved the memorial to go on the east side of the square, near the confederate soldier monument - but did not approve of the language. 

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    It said at least one of the lynchings was because a black man had an affair with a white woman. According to the board of supervisors, that specific wording has nothing to do with it.

    Instead, the board said the entire wording has to be approved by the State Department of Archives and History. 

    Hilliard said the wording has already been approved by the Equal Justice Initiative. "EJI approved the language. As a matter of fact, they helped us write the language or approve the language."

    Hilliard shared with us that no matter what the project will move forward. He said, "We know that in order for a lot of communities to heal it takes a process to heal."

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